Students are placed according to age, prior dance experience, and where development will most likely be achieved. Classes are held Monday through Saturday, with a variety of options to choose from throughout the week. All dance classes are based on a syllabus to maintain a high standard of instruction within all levels.


Tuition is calculated as an annual fee divided into 10 equal monthly payments, for your convenience. We offer multiple class discounts, as well as a 3% discount for paying your tuition in 4 quarterly installments, due the 1st of September, November, February and April, or a 5% discount for paying in full upon enrollment. In order to take advantage of the 4 payment (Quarterly) tuition option, you must be registered by October 1st. All monthly and quarterly tuition payments are due the 1st of each month. All payments may be made by cash, credit card, or check payable to “Dance 360.” We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover. All families registered with Dance 360 must have a valid credit card on file. Upon enrollment all families must agree to the following terms before completing registration: If the balance due on your account is not paid in full by the 15th of the month, your credit card will automatically be charged the balance due on your account. A payment reminder will always be sent out a few days prior, giving you an opportunity to pay by check or cash if you wish to avoid the 2% credit card convenience fee. Families with an overdue balance on their account will not be permitted to continue classes until their account payments are up to date.


In the event of an unscheduled closing, a make-up class may be scheduled. If you are absent from class, you are still responsible for your tuition payment. There are no refunds for missed classes, no exceptions. Tuition refunds will not be given for closings due to weather, holidays, or absences of a student due to illness or vacation. We will gladly discontinue monthly or quarterly tuition charges with one month’s written notice of withdrawal. Students will have 4 classes from the time of registration to withdraw and receive a prorated refund. After the 4 class window, tuition is non-refundable. Again, written notice is required for all withdrawals. This policy will be strictly enforced and no exceptions will be made.


Parents are encouraged to view their child’s dance class on the waiting area televisions. There will be a parent observation day in February, as well as a designated videotaping day prior to the recital where parents are welcome to video your child’s recital dance to help with practicing at home.


If your child is sick and cannot attend class, please ask his/her teacher on the next scheduled class for a make-up class. Make-up classes may not always be available. Therefore, try not to miss a class. Also, there are NO refunds for missed classes. We cannot allow any child who has contracted an infectious illness or skin disease to attend class. This may threaten the health of the other children. Dance 360 asks that all children be free of temperature for at least 24 hours before returning to class.


For the most part we are on the same schedule as the Upper Moreland and Abington School Districts. In the case of inclement weather: if Upper Moreland schools are closed, Dance 360 will be closed. Please check the main page of the Dance 360 website or the UM website ( for closing information. You may also check the Dance 360 Facebook and Instagram pages.


Here at Dance 360 we do not have dance recitals where you sit for 3 to 5 hours. Most shows are approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours long. We work very hard to make sure our Dress Rehearsals and Recitals are very organized and run on or close to schedule. This is a family event that will be enjoyed by all members of the family, including fathers and brothers who dread the notion of the typical dance recitals. Our Dance Recitals revolve around a theme that incorporates dancers and elaborate painted backdrops. In the past we have done such themes as “Dance With Me”, “Disney, Where Dreams Come True”, “On Broadway”, “A Season to Dance”, “Dancin’ Coast to Coast”, “Dancing Through the Decades” and “Color Your World with Dance”. Note: Participation in the Annual Recital is optional.


Each child participating in the annual Dance Recital is required to purchase a costume. Costume payments are due the first week of November. A costume will be ordered for your child only if this payment is received. We cannot guarantee the availability of a costume if it is not ordered along with those for the rest of the class. The costume fees are non-refundable.


A non-refundable $90 recital bundle fee per family is due November 1st. This fee will cover the cost of one costume, plus tights, as well as offset the costs associated with running the annual recital. With this bundle, each family will also receive a digital download of BOTH RECITALS, valued at $40. No more forms to fill out or waiting to pick up your DVD at the studio. You will have access to both shows on a number of your devices, locally and mobile, with the ability to share with your families near and far! The digital download will also be higher quality than DVD allows. Each additional costume will be an additional fee.


There is a charge for each recital ticket and tickets go on sale several weeks before the Annual Recital. Ticket sales go to offset the cost of the facility rental, lighting, sound system, technicians, etc. Tickets are sold online in a ticketing box office and will be sold for a discounted price in advance. Those customers who wish to pay their accounts in full by the time ticket sales begin will be given a priority code to purchase their tickets first. All other customers will be able to purchase tickets at a later date, before recital day. Ticket will also be sold at the door, however the discounted rate will not apply at that time.